Never underestimate the intelligence of a pill!

June 29, 2006

pill An Intelligent Pill has been developed by the University of Calgary. This pill contains an electronic gadgetry that first determines the body’s temperature and pH balance and then delivers the drug dose according to this “diagnosis”.

Despite the challenges, this could represent a breakthrough in drug-delivery systems. And it would be one less thing doctors and patients will have to worry about!


WEB eVAL is here! – designed by the head of medical informatics at St. Paul’s Hospital

June 22, 2006

Dr. Ric Arseneau, an internist at UBC has designed a medical education administration software product called WEB eEval. The program was originally implemented in Internal Medicine at UBC. This system is a program that provides electronic interface for evaluation forms that are presently used: resident, faculty and rotation evaluations. WEB eVAL helps to provide evaluation in a timely manner and to make the evaluation process more meaningful and effective.
Dr. Arseneau spent two years of hard work and twelve months of unpaid leave to develop WEB eVAL, a technological framework for medical education evaluation. Head of medical informatics at St. Paul’s Hospital, and an associate professor at UBC, Arseneau’s efforts have won him a BC Innovation in Educational Technology award for Leadership. His software program has been adopted by twelve medical schools in Canada and is being reviewed by medical schools in the U.S. It provides support for medical administration and evaluation of medical educators, residents and undergraduate medical students.

University of Victoria – Week 1 of the “Health & Medical Informatics Education in Canada” Series

June 11, 2006

UVic offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Health Information Science, but this post only covers the graduate program.

Master of Science in Health Informatics

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Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least one year of relevant work experience
  • Submission of GRE scores or equivalent GMAT/MCAT scores normally required

Program Requirements

  • Intensive 2-year program with 5 courses each year, along with a major project spanning two years (either a thesis or a research project). There will be two 2-week on-campus workshops as capstones for the program.

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Program Fees

  • $24,000 (includes the accommodation cost for the two workshops)

Application Deadline

  • February 28th for May entry
  • October 31st for January entry
  • May 31st for September entry

Elluminate Yourself!

June 11, 2006

Join this seminar series organized by UVic to discuss the latest ideas, issues and trends in health informatics accessible real-time via the Internet through a Web-conferencing tool called Elluminate Live!. These sessions are recorded and archived here, allowing playback at one’s convenience.

2007 CONFERENCE: Today’s Information for Tomorrow’s Improvements

June 11, 2006

I don't know if this conference will be open to the "public" because it is advertised as an "international and interdisciplinary gathering of leading practitioners and researchers from Canada and internationally to support today’s information systems and ensure tomorrow’s improvements".  Check out UVic's ITCH07 website for more information about this international conference that will focus on understanding how health informatics can be applied towards quality improvement of health and healthcare organizational outcomes.


New Health Informatics elective for UBC Health and Life Science Students!

June 3, 2006

Looking for a great UBC elective? Take a look at this:

This is a new (just been approved by the senate!) 3-credit intensive 1-week (8:30am to 4:30pm) course offered from August 28th through Sept. 1st, 2006 at UBC. This course is "designed to provide you with knowledge and understanding of computer science concepts and skills that is tailored to life and health sciences contexts" and there are no prerequisites! Additional information will be available soon!