I just found another piece of news about technology I thought I’d share with you: The VeinViewer is a new invention being showcased at Wired’s NextFest, and it is essentially a tool that uses near-infrared light to project real-time images of veins onto a person’s skin. It sure saves patients a lot of extra needle pricks.

From Money CNN:

According to the makers of the VeinViewer, it takes about 2.4 attempts and 23 minutes for medical personnel to find a patient’s vein today. The VeinViewer, which uses near-infrared light to makes veins visible at the surface, is designed to increase the chances of a “successful stick.” The VeinViewer costs about $25,000. In comparison, a hospital bed alone runs about $12,000.

VeinViewer by Luminex

Video at YouTube. Very cool, you should see it.
Wired: NextFest
Official company website: VeinViewerâ„¢ home
Article from LiveScience
Longer article


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