Use of EMR/EHR may rise

Some doctors have been weary to adopt electronic health records (EHR) due to the high price tag of implementing such a system in their practice. It often costs more than USD$20,000 per physician per software and hardware (wow!) and as a result less than 20 percent of doctors have integrated an electronic medical system in their offices. Well, this may all change now because the federal officials (down in the States) have recently donated electronic medical record systems to many physicians who where not financially able to purchase them. The industry has also agreed on a “technology standard” allowing software made by different manufacturers to be able to share data with each other (thank you software vendors for not being greedy!). I must say that this is great news and I hope that more and more practices (and hospitals) will join this new trend.

John Cascone, M.D. enters medical records at his office in North Kansas City, Mo., Thursday, Nov. 16, 2006.

Yahoo! News


2 Responses to Use of EMR/EHR may rise

  1. Deborah Breen says:

    I’m interested to know if by “technology standard” you’re referring to HL7? If not, can you elaborate?

  2. Lyndon says:

    The article didn’t actually specify which standard it was referring to. More HL7 info in Wikipedia:

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