MedFusion Discussion Group: Nanomedicine

Will nanotechnology revolutionize medicine?

Time: 12-1pm
Location: SUB 212
Description: This week, we will be discussing the exciting medical applications of nanotechnology, such as nanoparticle drug delivery, molecular nanotechnology (MNT) and nanovaccinology! You are all welcome to come and share something interesting you have read or heard in local news or learned in class, or just listen to the articles that we will be sharing. Also, feel free to bring your lunch and friends! There will be snacks and drinks for members!

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Nanotechnology in a Nutshell [PDF – 92KB]
This article by David J. Roughley who Is a technology analyst and also member of Nanotech BC’s management will provide considerable insight into the world of Nanotechnology.

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Related Articles:

“But nowhere is the impact of nanotechnology felt more than in medicine. The human cell is quite a fortress. It has a tough membrane, with tiny channels and pumps acting as gatekeepers, allowing in only select particles. Yet, some nasty microbes have found a way past these defences. Could a man-made material do the same?

Sure enough, by designing nanoparticles small enough to slip through the tiny gaps in the cell membrane, scientists have been able to ferry life-saving genes into ailing cells, as well as tiny doses of radiation directly into cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells intact.

The human body is hardly what we would call a gracious host. The minute it spots an artificial implant, it surrounds the intruder by spewing gooey stuff on its surface to keep it at bay. These protein deposits seriously affect the performance of implants in the body.”

Source: Small is the new big thing



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  1. ncurse says:

    Please let us know about anything new or important.

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