Electronic Medical Records available to most BC physicians in 2008

The BC government and BCMA have announced that pilot testing of electronic medical records technology will begin this September (2007) and will be extended to most physicians’ offices in 2008.

“We are meeting our throne speech commitment to create and launch a new electronic medical records system to give physicians better access to patient records and improve patient care,” said Health Minister George Abbott. “Physicians will be able to choose from among a number of different providers to set up electronic medical records to serve patients anywhere in B.C.”

Physicians using electronic medical records will be able to:

  • Reduce paperwork and process lab results and referrals in their offices faster to improve patient services;
  • Instantly access latest clinical information and tools to help patients manage chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis;
  • Develop preventive care practices by analyzing local community needs;
  • Increase security of patient records; and
  • Integrate other eHealth tools like electronic prescribing and ordering of diagnostic tests.

BC – Ministry of Health – News


2 Responses to Electronic Medical Records available to most BC physicians in 2008

  1. It’s too bad America doesn’t enjoy the high electronic medical records adoption rates you enjoy in Canada. Are these systems subsidized by the Canadian government, or are Canadian physicians simply more tech-inclined?

    EMR Software Guy,


  2. Biomedical Computing Girl says:

    It is socialized medicine that enables Canada, as well as other countries with similar programs, that enables them to roll out these types of programs. While US doctor’s offices are likely equally or better equipped and possibly even trained to work with EMRs, they are all on different proprietary systems. Simply put, standards are easier to deploy in countries with standardized medicine.

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