National Geographic: The Incredible Human Body

October 22, 2006

Originally broadcast on PBS, this science documentary from National Geographic investigates the miraculous machine that is the human body. Learn about the body’s extraordinary capabilities through personal stories coupled with in-depth scientific explorations. Technological breakthroughs are shown concerning surgery, brain development, conception, and more. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

A great video to tie in what we saw in Body Worlds 3. Running time is 56:02 minutes so get that popcorn ready!


Remaking American Medicine … Healthcare for the 21st Century

October 15, 2006

PBS is currently airing a series called Remaking American Medicine … Healthcare for the 21st Century. This series “examines critical health care issues facing Americans today including patient safety, medical and medication errors, hospital-acquired infections, family-centered care and effective management of chronic disease. Rather than assign blame for the failings in health care, REMAKING AMERICAN MEDICINE offers solutions by showcasing the stories of individuals and institutions who are working to ensure better health care for everyone.”

The show airs on PBS every Sunday at 2am, 4pm or Tuesday at 4am. Thanks Jack for letting us know about this!