Members Only section

October 1, 2006


So we’re continually updating the site and adding more features! We’ve recently incorporated a Members Only section which you can access by clicking on the link at the the top navigation bar or by going directly to

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AMS Volunteer Connections Fair

September 27, 2006


Monday to Thursday, September 25 to 27
SUB North Concourse
Want to reach out to your community through a medium other than Instant Messenger? The Volunteer Fair is your source for information on getting involved with meaningful volunteer work on campus and around Vancouver.

From speaking with a bunch of you during Club Days, many of you were seeking volunteer opportunities. Well, this will be a great place to connect and find volunteer posisitons! Be sure to check it out. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether this lasts until the 27th (Wednesday) or Thursday (28th). Yikes!